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Photobook - Aunt Paloma was a pigeon

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Self published art book

Limited edition of 30 copies, with original A6 illustration

’Aunt Paloma was a pigeon’ imagines an alternative theory of evolution in which mankind has descended from the pigeon. Drawing upon the biological and social similarities we share with Britain’s most abhorred bird, it is a whimsical story about life, love and family. Creating a fictional narrative from a factual underpinning, ‘Aunt Paloma was a pigeon’ questions the extent to which human culture may have been shaped by our avian origins, and serves as a reminder that we as a species are no more superior to the humble pigeon. All of the photography, illustration and design within is my own.

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210 x 148 mm  /   cloth hardback  /  recycled paper   /  72 pages  

Printed June 2018

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Reviewed by Jonathan Blaustein on A Photo Editor: 

"Marvelous, imaginative, mixed-media book about evolution"

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